About Me



Max Addae is a composer, vocalist, arranger, and creative programmer from Bloomfield, New Jersey. He is in his 4th year at Oberlin College & Conservatory as a Double Degree student in Computer Science and Technology in Music and Related Arts (TIMARA), studying with Eli Stine. Much of Max's work focuses on developing software as a tool for live music performance, along with live coding unique soundscapes via creative coding environments such as Chuck, Max, and SuperCollider. Max’s primary career goals and interests lie in the intersection of machine learning, software design, and music, to enhance the ways in which musicians create, teach, and interact with music.

On campus, he is a Teaching Assistant for the TIMARA Department, Music Director of The Obertones (Oberlin's men's a cappella group), a Campus Tour Guide, as well as a Sound Engineer for several student-run theatre productions. Check out his resume or contact him for more information!

Artistic/Research Interests include: computer music, algorithmic composition, live coding, music software design, digital music instrument design, spatial audio, and human-computer interactive music systems.